Special Sauce 2.0: Kenji on Grilling Naan and Nicholas Morgenstern on Sundaes [2/2]

For the first segment of this episode of Special Sauce 2.0, Kenji takes a question from serious eater Phil on how to make naan in a Big Green Egg. It starts with our  and ends with a 60- to 90-second bake on a pizza stone. Next, ice cream Jedi…

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Special Sauce: Introducing Special Sauce 2.0, with guest Nick Morgenstern [1/2]

This week Serious Eaters get to see the all-new Special Sauce format we’ve cooked up for the new season. Every episode of Special Sauce 2.0 will start off with “Ask Kenji,” a brief section in which Read More

Special Sauce: Author Tom Roston on Post-9/11 New York as Victim and Survivor [2/2]

Part two of my at times emotionally overwhelming interview with Tom Roston, author of , focused on the employees of Windows on the World who were in the North Tower’s iconic restaurant on September 11, 2001, all of whom tragically died that day….

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Special Sauce: Tom Roston on the Untold Stories of Windows on the World [1/2]

No matter where you were when the two planes hit the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, you were profoundly affected by the events of that day. And if you, like me, were at all involved in the food culture at that moment, your thoughts quickly turned…

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Special Sauce: Soleil Ho on Representation in Food Media [2/2]

In part two of my thought-provoking interview with San Francisco Chronicle restaurant critic Soleil Ho, we dove right into how she thinks about restaurant criticism. Soleil explained, “I like to think of restaurants as texts in the same way that…

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Special Sauce: Soleil Ho on Her Journey From Quantum Physics to Racist Sandwich [1/2]

Like a great deal of food media in America, the world of restaurant criticism has and .  So it was exciting to see the San Francisco Chronicle break the mold last year when it hired Vietnamese-American food writer and co-host of ,…

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Special Sauce: Matt Rodbard and Max Falkowitz on What’s Next in Food Media [2/2]

In part two of Ed Levine’s conversation with  and Matt Rodbard, the three discuss how Falkowitz and Rodbard got started in food media and how their careers evolved. Falkowitz begins by underlining how intimidating it was when he first started…

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Special Sauce: Matt Rodbard and Max Falkowitz on Becoming Food Writers [1/2]

In the next two episodes of Special Sauce, we take a deep dive into the challenges and triumphs of building a career in food media. I invited former Serious Eats editor/current contributor , and founding editor Matt Rodbard to share their…

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Special Sauce: Lazarus Lynch on Writing Son of a Southern Chef [2/2]

In part two of Ed Levine’s conversation with Lazarus Lynch, who goes by more titles than any 25-year-old has any reasonable expectation to have (cookbook author, performer, singer…the list is incredible!), they delve into how Lynch decided he wanted…

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Special Sauce: Lazarus Lynch on Cooking on Camera and Being Okay With Who You Are [1/2]

Singer, author (), and food personality Lazarus Lynch is not your typical cookbook writer or social media star. As an openly gay young Black man, Lynch is blazing his own trail in the food and media worlds, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to talk to…

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