Sam Kass on How What You See Shapes What You Eat [2/2]

In part two of my interview with former Obama personal chef and Obama White House food activist Sam Kass, I got schooled big-time about the role visuals play in how you eat at home. “The first lesson that I learned, that I think is maybe most helpful for people, is you eat what you see. How you set your home up can have a transformational impact on what you actually consume. Basically, the things you’re trying to eat more of, you should put out in plain sight, and the things you’re trying to eat less of, you should put on the top shelf or the back of the freezer, in the bottom of the drawer, because you see the bag of cookies on the counter, and then you say to yourself, ‘Oh, I’d like a cookie.'” That’s what Kass taught the Obama family, and if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me and probably for most serious eaters as well.   Though he served as one of the leading figures in the good-food movement, via his position as executive director of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative, Kass doesn’t have time for the purists: “It pisses me off, to be quite honest with you, that we make people feel a certain way about how they’re wrong when it comes to how they’re eating. This book”—Kass’s recently published