Re-release: Harlem Seafood Soul Part 1

As the year draws to a close we thought we’d repeat (or should I say reheat) a couple of our favorite Special Sauce episodes for your listening pleasure. Harlem Seafood Soul’s Tami Treadwell has a great story to tell and she tells it compellingly on Special Sauce. Tami just opened up a spot in Brooklyn’s DeKalb Food Hall, so I went to pay her a visit. As usual Tami’s food was seriously delicious. Crispy well-seasoned fried chicken, peppery mac and cheese, and killer cornbread. And Tami’s unique brand of hospitality made every customer a friend before their food was even served. Tami told me that she’s working on an exciting new truck. So happy holidays, Tami, and to all you serious eaters out there as well. As always, thanks for listening.