Laura Lippman on the Baltimore Food Scene, Crime Writing, and Journalism

“I’m a very average cook, but I’m a very happy cook,” crime novelist Laura Lippman explained to me on this week’s podcast. Lippman is far from your average writer, though. The Washington Post has called her “one of the best novelists around, period.” And the Chicago Sun-Times went a bit further, saying, “Lippman has enriched literature as a whole.”

Why did I want her on Special Sauce? Because, besides being a terrific writer, Lippman is thoughtful, funny, and, in her own quiet way, quite obsessed with food.

As you’ll find out on this week’s podcast, Lippman went from 20 years of newspaper journalism to becoming an award-winning novelist after a chance meeting at a 70s theme party where Malcolm Gladwell was dancing to “Kung Fu Fighting” in the other room.