Special Sauce with Ed Levine

Ed Levine is the missionary of the delicious.” – Ruth Reichl

Join Serious Eats founder Ed Levine for his personal conversations with food lovers, be they actors, authors, farmers, chefs or cooks. Listen as they swap revealing and surprising stories about food and life.

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Grilling Chicken and Fish with Kenji

Grilling Pizza with Kenji

Natasha Pickowicz Part 1: Baker & Activist

This week on Special Sauce we talk to pastry chef extraordinaire Natasha Pickowicz.

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Hamissi Mamba Part 2

Part 2 of Ed Levine's conversation with chef Hamissi Mamba.

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Hamissi Mamba Part 1: From Burundi to Detroit

Hamissi Mamba discusses his journey to success from his native Burundi to the vibrant food scene in Detroit.

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Kenji Live at the Bell House Redux Pt 2

Kenji Lopez-Alt and Ed Levine and cook eggs and tomatoes in a wok onstage at the Bell House in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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