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Ed Levine is the missionary of the delicious.” – Ruth Reichl

Join Serious Eats founder Ed Levine for his personal conversations with food lovers, be they actors, authors, farmers, chefs or cooks. Listen as they swap revealing and surprising stories about food and life.

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Kenji on Avocados & the Magic of Mayo

Glenn Roberts on the Freighted History of Rice in America

Anson Mills founder Glenn Roberts takes us on his wild journey through the preservation of Ancient Grains.

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Kristina Cho: Sweet & Savory Recipes Inspired By Chinese Bakeries

Food blogger Kristina Cho details her unlikely career path from architectural designer to two time James Beard Award-winning author.

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Vish Bhatt: How A Southern Chef Connects to his Indian Roots

Chef and author Vishwesh Bhatt details his remarkable journey from India to Mississippi.

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Entrepreneur Jing Gao: Finding Herself Through Food

Fly by Jing founder Jing Gao talks about finding herself through the foods her company makes.

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Chef & Track Star Dawn Burrell: The Leap From the Olympics to Top Chef