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Ed Levine is the missionary of the delicious.” – Ruth Reichl

Join Serious Eats founder Ed Levine for his personal conversations with food lovers, be they actors, authors, farmers, chefs or cooks. Listen as they swap revealing and surprising stories about food and life.

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Nigella Lawson As You’ve Never Heard Her, Plus Kenji Gives Her Major Props

On this week's episode of Special Sauce legendary food writer and television cook Nigella Lawson gets real about both her new book "Cook, Eat, Repeat," and the remarkable arc of her life and career. Then Kenji stops in to sing Nigella's praises and...

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Rodney Scott & Lolis Eric Elie on BBQ And Fathers & Sons, Plus Kenji’s Pork Shoulder

On this week’s Special Sauce, we’re joined by the great pit master and James Beard Award-winning chef Rodney Scott and his coauthor Lolis Eric Elie talking about their new book "Rodney Scott's World of BBQ." They talk about whole hog BBQ,...

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Lolis Eric Elie on New Orleans food & diversity in Hollywood, Kenji on Red Beans & Rice

On this week's episode of Special Sauce, we're joined by TV and food writer Lolis Eric Elie who dishes on diversity -- or the lack thereof -- in Hollywood and tells us about the joys of eating in and out in his native New Orleans....

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Fast Food: Good and/or Evil with Marcia Chatelain, Adam Chandler & Kenji

On this week’s episode of Special Sauce, we continue our deep dive into the world of fast food. This time  Franchise Author Marcia Chatelain, Drive-Thru Dreams Author Adam Chandler, and Kenji discuss the unique good vs. evil...

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Marcia Chatelain, Adam Chandler, Bill Oakley and Kenji Lopez-Alt on Fast Food

On this week’s episode of Special Sauce, we ponder the highs and the lows of fast food culture with Marcia Chatelain, Georgetown University Professor of history and African American studies and author of Franchise, and Adam Chandler who wrote...

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Special Sauce: Mashama Bailey & Johno Morisano On the Birth of The Gray

When the ultra-talented chef Mashama Bailey collaborated with first-time restaurateur John Morisano to open The Gray in an old abandoned Greyhound bus depot in Savannah Georgia, they knew that their partnership was not going to be easy.  On this...

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